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Please visit our Intel Motherboard& Multimedia Upgrade page for high quality boards that support Intel Processors! We also provide computer/web consulting and sponsor the Discount Calling Card/ValueCALL.

Please visit our full Memory and Processor Upgrade page!

We are an Authorized Intel Processor Dealer (IPD)!

486 Upgrade:
* INTEL Pentium(R) Overdrive(R) for 486 Systems - $19(P63)/$29(P83) (Used)

Pentium(R) processor 60/66 5V Upgrade:
* INTEL Pentium(R) 120/133 Overdrive(R) - $99 (Used, Ltd Avail)

Pentium(R) 200 Overdrive(R) with MMX(TM) technology:
* INTEL Pentium(R) Overdrive(R) 200 with MMX(TM) technology for Pentium(R) processor Systems - $79 (NEW OEM)

Brand NEW
Pentium(R) OverDrive(R) Processor
with MMX(TM) technology
Makes Pentium(R) Processor-based PCs Run Faster!
This is a brand new OEM version P200MMX Overdrive Model PODPMT66X200 (No manual/disk, see below link for install info).
This Processor Upgrade will upgrade original Pentium(R) 166/133/100 MHz to 200 MHz,
150/120/90 MHz to 180 MHz and 75 MHz to 150 MHz! The RETAIL box (Discontinued) has a
MSRP of $249.00!! NOW is the time to speed up those slower cpu's!
This is a brand new OEM unit that we brought 10 per OEM tray!
For Installation Instructions see
Intel's Overdrive Support Site.

Pentium(R) II 333 Overdrive(R):
*INTEL Pentium(R) II 333 Overdrive(R) for Pentium Pro(R) Systems - $175 (NEW Retail Box)

DIMMS, SIPPS and Proprietary Printer/Notebook Memory also available. Please email for prices.

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