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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. We have over 8,000 satisfied ONLINE customers and email references are always available.

INTERWEB carries name brand items such as Acer, Adobe, AMD, Asus, ATI, Creative Labs, Cyrix, Dell, Diamond, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, IDT, Intel, Matrox, Maxtor, Microstar, Optiquest, PCChips, Samsung, Seagate, Tekram, USRobotics, Viewsonic, and Western Digital. We specialize in providing end users with quality and cost effective upgrade components (motherboards, video/sound cards, cd-roms, cases, etc.) for those who prefer to build/upgrade their own systems. Our personal, expert solutions at great, low prices is the Number One reason why our customers repeat business and tell their friends about INTERWEB. You have my personal guarantee that you won't be disappointed!

INTERWEB is currently a part-time venture so the best way to reach me is by email.



George Wang
President, INTERWEB Computer Solutions, Inc.
May 2, 1995

SIMM Memory/CPU Price List for more information.

motherboard and multimedia upgrades page!

We sell quality motherboards (Asus,Intel,Microstar,PCChips,Tekram), multimedia video accelerator cards (ATI,Diamond,Matrox), Creative Labs SoundBlaster 16/64/128, CD-ROMs and hard drives (WDC,Maxtor,Seagate,Samsung,Fujitsu,IBM) so you can custom design and build the system to your own specific needs.

Motherboard Upgrade Center for a list of our most popular upgrade products. Remember, if you don't see a particular product listed, we can still order it for you at discount prices!

INTERWEB provides expert PC and MAC system upgrade recommendations on both name-brand and clone systems. As a Computer Engineer (and owner of both a PC and MAC), I am very familiar with both the hardware and software aspects of the various machines on the market. I receive Computer Reseller News (probably the best weekly computer trade magazine) that allows me to keep abreast of the latest trends and products. We recommend the free email service JUNO and the Discount Calling Card!

Please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns you have.

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