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Reviewed in MONEY Magazine (July 1995)

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Save Over 76% Vs Cards from AT&T,MCI,Spring
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Connect with PNG today. You'll never get another inflated phone bill again.

*PAYPHONE ACCESS FEE: Beginning 12/1/97 our carrier will charge an access fee of 30 cents per call made from payphones only. Many carriers are now charging 30 to 35 centes additional for such call as as an indirect result of new FCC regulations.

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Calls from the US to these countries carry NO SURCHARGE & apply all the time, day or night.

Other international calling also feature NO surcharge. Please click here for the ATN International Rate table.

Please click here for the ATN International Rate table.

Please click here for the In-State Rate Tables.

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NOTE: This product is NOT related to the Ultracall products.
email me. You get up to 10% commision on all domestic LD calls and a 3% commission on all international calls. There is a small $29.95 (10% First Year, 5-10% Afterwards) one-time signup fee.

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